The foundation of RASCH-METALLE GmbH & Co. KG takes place on 1 April 1973 by the merchant Gildo Rasch. Initially with only two employees, Dieter Seiger (authorized representative) and Ulrich Blome (warehouse manager), the company can be initially reflected in Bielefeld Großdornberg "Am Wild Hagen". Within five years, the turnover is quintupled.






Meanwhile with 9 employees, it was necessary to find a larger settlement, and the company moved into its actual headquarters located ?Auf dem Esch 17.? At this time the warehouse and offices had a total area of 1.500 m² including just one depot. The delivery programme includes bars, sheets, tubes, profiles and wires out of brass, copper, red brass, and light metals (aluminium). RASCH-METALLE establish itself as a non-ferrous metals speciality stockist.




The delivery programme is expandind and includes meanwhile the whole range of non-ferrous semis: brass, copper, aluminium, aluminium alloys, red brass, grey cast iron and industrial plastics .An own vehicle fleet is being established, enabling the company to cover larger areas with a fixed route schedule for each working day.






The building of a second depot starts. The own vehicle fleet is expanding and Gildo Rasch decides to offer additional services. The first big plate saw is being purchased.









Only three years later, the turnover has been multiplied, the stock enlarged. The demand of Aluminium and grey cast iron has grown. A third depot is being build, additionally to a big yard with grey cast iron shelves. Two additional trucks are purchased as well as an second plate saw able to cut until a thickness of 150 mm.The stock covers 1.500 tons of material. A change of needs is happening on the customers side. Gildo Rasch is focusing therefore more on aluminium, especially on standard sheets, on plates in different alloys and on bars.


The yard is getting covered and used as loading area.                                                      








In 1994, the fourth depot is being build in a box procedure and the service department is being expanded to its third band saw. Until 1996, the own vehicle fleet is being enlarged. A fleet of seven trucks is serving whole Germany.






Cordula Rasch, the youngest daughter of the company?s founder, is starting in the organisation of her father as a trainee to become a wholesale and external merchant and is studying at the same time ?business administration.? .
In 1996, a quality management programme after DIN EN ISO 9002 is introduced. The DIN EN ISO 9002: 1994 certificate was first awarded on the 24th June 1997 by the Dekra certification Services GmbH.


In 1996, a quality management programme after DIN EN ISO 9002 is introduced. The DIN EN ISO 9002: 1994 certificate was first awarded on the 24th June 1997 by the Dekra certification Services GmbH.








Until 1998 the stock of RASCH-METALLE ranges about 1.500 tons with a relationship between light and heady metals of 40% to 60%. 1998/1999 is a year of important changes for the company RASCH. This year should influence the image of the company, the German market, and the allocation of the market shares. Gildo Rasch decides to start a bulk purchase of aluminium alloys. In two years the stocks multiply by four.




Since 2000, 60% of RASCH-METALLE´s stock are aluminium alloys. Through the economical recovery in 1999/mid 2000, the stocks reach a high of 6500 tons.

Mid 2000, the office building receives an additional floor. Also in the year 2000, we switch to the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2002, under which the company should be certificated in the year 2003.





The stock size is growing so fast that an enlargement of the capacities is necessary. At the same time, the warehouse facilities need to be adapted to this increase. Gildo Rasch buys a plot with a depot and builds it up to a height of 6 meters. The stock site Höfeweg develops very fast and starts to be used mid 2001. On its area of 3.000m² only aluminium is being stored and retrieved. 2001 is also a deciding year toward internationalisation. In May 2001, the oldest daughter Claudia Rasch starts to boost the export business into other European countries with fast success. Within three years, the daughters increase the export share to 10% of the total turnover.


The decision to retire more and more from the organisation and to give it up to the younger generation is certainly not easy for the founder of 1973. However, a research project follows this organization succession scientifically. The management of the relation network has the main emphasis during this firm's handing over.








In the year 2003 large investment into the firm are realised. In addition to the big vacuum system which was installed end of 2002, the cutting centre receives a third plate saw able to cut until a thickness of 160 mm.



In 2004 a new product is added to the already existing product range: surface-machined cast plates. A big step in a quite different direction again. The export business continues to expand and the plans of internationalisation define the thinking and handling of the company?s founder and his succeeding generation.












In the spring of 2006, the establishment of the establishment II with the business units "sheets / plates" and "blanks" at the location "Höfeweg". The bar warehouse, which was built there in 2001, will be expanded by large-scale halls with a high-performance cutting center and a modern office building.At the "Auf dem Esch" headquarters, due to the necessary expansion of capacities, extensive rebuilding and expansion measures are being carried out in the administration and in the warehouse. Among other things, the new collection office is put into operation."Auf der Esch" now includes the restructured business units "Rods / Tubes / Profiles", "Sections", "Special Profiles", "Processing" and "Dealer Service".The company's own storage areas at both facilities reach over 10,000 m² and a storage capacity of approx. 8,000 tonnes of material.


Commissioning of new high-performance saws for the production of small, medium and large series of rods, tubes and profiles.







In the spring the certification takes place according to standard ISO 9001: 2008.





The foundation of our Office"Munich" (sales office + warehouse) enables even more flexible support and delivery to our customers in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland.




As a further step in our expansion and internationalization, our sales office Austria (near Salzburg) was founded.Today, our company is one of the leading stockholding metal dealers in Europe.The foundations for this development are a market knowledge that has grown over the years and the awareness that trust plays a decisive role. As a specialist for non-ferrous metals, we can refer to a customer base of more than 6,000 customers - national and international.Since the foundation of our company, we have always ensured the one thing: the individuality of the individual should be in the foreground, because only then is a trusting, cooperative partnership possible!